How to Connect a Smartphone Screen to a TV


How to Connect Smartphone Screen to TV – Hello everyone, welcome back with us to In this discussion, we will share tutorials that are often sought by today’s smartphone users. So, if you are curious about the tutorial that we will provide, watch this article to the end and follow the guidelines.

Technological sophistication is growing here, marked by the emergence of tools that can help facilitate human affairs or work. Well, one tool that is very helpful in everyday life is a Smartphone or HP. Smartphones provide many benefits for their users, ranging from making it easier to interact with other people, businesses, and others.

Apart from that, smartphones can also provide entertainment to their users. For example, it can be used to play online games, watch movies and read. So, if you often use your smartphone to watch movies, you must have invited your friends to watch the movie you want to watch together, right?

But it will be even more exciting if you watch the film on TV. So don’t worry, now you can connect your Smartphone screen to the TV screen. Therefore, here we will provide a tutorial on how to connect or connect a Smartphone screen to a TV. Here are the steps:

How to Connect a Smartphone Screen to a Television

First of all download the Screen Mirroring app on your Smartphone.

If so, please open the application.

Next, you can read the instructions or guides provided.

If you understand, you can try to connect your Smartphone screen to the TV by pressing the Connect button.

Then press the Select Device button and select a TV connected to the same network.

If successful, your TV screen will change to a Smartphone screen.



That’s a tutorial on how to easily connect a smartphone screen to a TV. Hopefully this article can be useful and don’t forget to keep visiting to read other interesting articles about Android, games, and tutorials.




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