How to Overcome AFK Friends in Apex Legends Mobile


How to Overcome AFK Friends in Apex Legends Mobile – Hello everyone, come back with us at SiteruTekno. In this article, we will share a little information about the latest multiplayer mobile game, Apex Legends Mobile. So, if you are curious about the article that we will provide, read this explanation to the end.

Apex Legends Mobile is one of the online multiplayer battle royale games that has recently gone viral among gamers around the world. Especially in Indonesia, the Apex Legends Mobile game is quite popular among young game lovers. Now the Apex Legends Mobile game is available on Google PlayStore or AppStore.

Have you tried playing this battle royale game? if so, surely you have been in a position where your teammates AFK or left the game during the match. Well, surely you are confused to overcome the AFK friend, right? calm down, we are here to share a little solution with you if your teammate is AFK in the game.

This Apex Legends Mobile game presents a lot of interesting features in the game. One of the features of the Apex Legends Mobile game is that it allows players to control teammates who are offline aka AFK. If you don’t know how to use this feature, we will make a tutorial for you. Here’s how:

How to Control AFK Teammates in Apex Legends Mobile

First of all you have to enable Enable Autoplay for Squadmates after going to Offline settings.

You can find these settings under the Gameplay settings options.

So if one of your teammates is AFK in the game for a minute or two, two options will appear above the name of your AFK teammate.

The options are Follow and Battle.

But you can also use both options, namely by turning them on at the same time.

Your AFK teammates will start following you.


The final word,

So, that’s a tutorial on how to deal with AFK teammates in the Apex Legends Mobile game. So if there are AFK teammates in the Apex Legends Mobile game, you can use this feature to overcome them. Hopefully this information is useful for you and don’t forget to leave a message in the comments column if you have questions regarding the articles we provide. That is all and thank you.




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